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For foreigners, the path to love and unity in the States can be fraught with challenges. Separation by borders, complex visa requirements, and the fear of prolonged time apart are just some of the issues faced by international couples and families. At KVisaXpress, we recognize these struggles, and we’re here to make sure distance and bureaucracy no longer stand in the way of your dreams.

We understand that love transcends borders. That’s why we’re committed to making that belief a reality. Our team of dedicated immigration lawyers specialize in family-based immigration. We have successfully navigated the complex U.S. immigration system for countless couples from around the world, helping them obtain marriage-based green cards, fiancé(e) visas, and even the pathway to citizenship.

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Immigration Challenges Getting Between Being Together? 

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How KVisaXpress Can Help You and Your Family
Our team of experienced immigration lawyers are dedicated to helping international couples and families like you overcome the challenges of immigration and live together in the USA. Whether you’re already in the States, or if you’re anywhere else in the world, our team is at your service.

Fiancé(e) Visas (K Visas)

For engaged couples looking to marry in the United States, our expertise in fiancé(e) visas provides a clear path to reunite and start your journey together.

If you are already married and living in different countries, our marriage-based green card services can reunite you in the United States. We guide you through the intricate process, ensuring that you can build your life together in the U.S.

Fiancé(e) visas, or K visas, are for engaged couples intending to marry in the United States. We specialize in this visa category, making the journey to marriage in the U.S. as smooth as possible.

Legal permanent residency in the United States is often the next step after obtaining a visa. Adjustment of status is crucial for those seeking a pathway to citizenship.

Our team specializes in helping spouses who are already married and living in different countries reunite in the U.S. through consular processing.

We understand that your journey to reunification may start from anywhere in the world. Our online consultations make our services accessible to clients worldwide.

We don't stop at helping you obtain a green card; we are committed to seeing you through to citizenship. Achieving U.S. citizenship is a significant milestone, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

  • Assessing your eligibility for a marriage-based green card
  • Preparing and filing the necessary documentation
  • Guiding you through interviews and required evidence
  • Ensuring compliance with immigration laws

  • Preparing and filing the K visa petition
  • Guiding you through the consular interview process
  • Assisting with adjustment of status after marriage
  • Providing support and answers throughout the process

  • Guiding you through the adjustment of status process
  • Assisting with obtaining work permits (EAD)
  • Handling J-1 waivers when necessary
  • Navigating the complexities of transitioning from a visa to a green card

  • Preparing and filing the spouse visa petition
  • Assistance with gathering all required documentation
  • Guiding you through the consular interview process
  • Navigating the intricacies of various visa types, including student visas, H1B, O, B1, B2 visas, and EB-5 Visas

  • Providing online consultations for convenience
  • Assessing your unique situation and needs
  • Offering guidance and answering questions remotely

  • Outlining the requirements and steps to become a U.S. citizen
  • Assisting with naturalization applications
  • Preparing you for the citizenship test and interview
  • Ensuring a smooth transition from permanent residency to citizenship

Spouse Visas (Consular Processing)

Our team specializes in helping spouses who are already married in different countries to reunite in the U.S. through consular processing. We also provide assistance for various other visa types, such as student visas, H1B, O, B1, B2 visas, and EB-5 Visas.





Marriage-Based Green Cards

1. Marriage-Based Green Cards

2. Fiancé(e) Visas (K Visas)

3. Adjustment of Status
4. Spouse Visas (Consular .p)
5. Online Consultations
6. Path to Citizenship

If you're already married and separated by borders, our team will guide you through the process of obtaining a marriage-based green card, ensuring you can be together in the USA. in the USA..

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Love knows no borders, and with our dedicated team of immigration lawyers, your dream of reuniting with your loved ones in the United States can finally become a reality. Whether you’re already in the States, or if you’re anywhere else in the world, our team is at your service.

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Our Compassionate Immigration Advocate at KVisaXpress

Chelsea is an accomplished immigration lawyer who has been admitted to the bar since 2013. Her legal journey has encompassed a diverse background in litigation, including roles in private practice and as an Assistant Attorney General and Assistant Prosecutor. Specializing in family-based immigration law, Chelsea brings invaluable experience to her practice and her clients.

Her passion for reuniting families and her commitment to simplifying the immigration process are what make her your immigration powerhouse. With a proven track record of success, Chelsea is dedicated to protecting your rights and ensuring your family’s love isn’t hindered by location.

Meet Chelsea

Quality Results

Chelsea has a proven track record of success, having won cases that withstood state supreme court scrutiny, including a case that reached the US Supreme Court while Chelsea was an assistant attorney general. As a devoted mother of two little girls, Chelsea understands the importance of family unity and is committed to protecting her clients' rights. Chelsea is also a newly-minted board member of the Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome, a non-profit organization committed to raising awareness and providing support for individuals with Moebius Syndrome and their families. Trust Chelsea's expertise, dedication, and proven track record to achieve the best outcome for your immigration needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let's get started!



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