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Love may have brought you together, but immigration law can keep you apart. KVX was founded on hope, and cultivated to ensure that love transcends borders so you and your loved ones can start your new life together in the United States.

With humble beginnings, the firm primarily helped with K visas (fiancé visa), but we have expanded the practice significantly as our clientele grew to include green cards, tourist visas, humanitarian visas, and employment visas.

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At KVX, we are committed to global mobility.  Whether you're immigrating for love of person, or love of work, our processes are designed to streamline your immigration journey and help you achieve your goals. 

Our legal service packages are designed to see you through to citizenship, with competitive and encompassing pricing to ensure continuity for your immigration legal services.  We offer transparent pricing for your entire process, depending on the package you pick.  We also offer services a la carte.  

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